The Dog Grooming With Tips, Tricks, And Advice From The Pros

The Dog Grooming With Tips, Tricks, And Advice From The Pros

At Unleashed Academy, proper dog care is essential to the health and well-being of any pup. Whether you want to treat your beloved companion to a spa day or just keep up with basics like brushing, clipping nails, and cleaning ears, our experts compiled a comprehensive guide with tips, tricks, and advice from the pros. Read on to learn more about how to make your furry friend look and feel his best.

Important Tips For Dog Grooming!

Brushing is the cornerstone of any dog ​​care routine. This helps remove dead hair and dirt, promotes healthy skin and coat, stimulates circulation, and allows for a bond between you and your pup. The type of brush you use depends on the size of your pup and the length of the fur—short-haired dogs usually require a bristle brush, while long-haired dogs require a smooth brush. Brush in the direction of your puppy’s hair, and use light but firm strokes.

Bathing is another important part of proper grooming. Choose a shampoo that matches the needs of your pup, such as those specifically designed for dry or itchy skin. Ensure you have the right clippers for your pup’s size and breed for nail trimming. Don’t forget the importance of ear cleaning – use a gentle cleanser to help keep bacteria and wax buildup away.

At Unleashed Academy, we strive to provide only the best care and training for all dogs to be their best. We understand that grooming is essential for their health, so our team has developed an extensive program to help you and your pup stay on top of all these important routines. Our experienced trainers are happy to answer any questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to reach out!