Instinctive Dog Training for a lifetime of success with your dog.

We are professional dog behaviorists and trainers here to help you have a better relationship with your dog. Our behavioral team has completed personal coaching and training with Cesar Millan, and we’ve adopted his Calm-Confident approach to create a well-behaved dog and confident human leader.

We utilize a balanced training method which is both positive and corrective to create a happy and balanced dog. We train dogs of all ages, breeds, and issues.

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Home Visits

A naughty dog makes for an unhappy home

You deserve a dog that you enjoy living with, that won’t bite others, and that is calm on a leash. We’re here to help.


Leash Pulling


Peeing Inside

Jumping Up

Leash Aggression


Food Stealing


With a variety of classes to choose from, we can guide you through the steps to develop a happy, healthy and fulfilling relationship with your dog. From Puppy Kindergarten to Leash Walking, we have a class that’s just right for you. Click here for more information.

Develop a relationship with your dog you can be proud of

Two week board & train

Leave your dog with us and we’ll work on a range of behavior modifications including biting, barking, housebreaking, and pulling.

Take a vacation and come home to a well-trained dog

In-home training visit

We’ll see your dog in their natural habitat – your home. We’ll help with everything from the doorbell to pulling on the leash to biting. We can correct most behaviors in one visit.

At-home training to create the dog you want to live with

A naughty dog is embarrasing–and dangerous

Don’t live in frustration any longer. We’ll help your dog become the companion you’ve always wanted.

Relax in your home, even if the doorbell rings

We know what it’s like to be too afraid to take your dog to the park. What if he bites someone or another dog?
What if she runs away and doesn’t come back on command? What if my dogs lunge on the leash and pull me over?
You can live with a dog you love. Never fear the doorbell again.

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Our behaviorists teach your dog how to behave

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We have a variety of classes designed to learn with your dog

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Live with a great canine companion

Our Testimonials

I have a 3 year old Rottweiler who became so reactive I could no longer walk her. She would growl at anyone walking by and on the TV. I brought her to Unleashed Academy for a two week board and train, and when I got her back – different dog. No more growling or lunging and she is a good citizen at the dog park. The daily videos were great. This group is the real deal, and I highly recommend them.

We took Marty here last summer to help with his reactionary responses. He came home such an obedient and wonderful dog! Their training techniques help with so many problems and make perfect sense! Marty needed a tuneup this last week, and they responded that day and was able to help us get back on track. If you love your dog and he/she has behavior issues, Unleashed Academy is the absolute best place for them!

Behaviorists – not trainers

Our staff members are professionally certified canine behaviorists, not trainers dangling treats. We don’t bribe your dog, instead we use methods that your dog understands through instinct. The result: well-trained dogs who know how to behave alongside the humans in their lives. Trust our years of experience and our knowledge of dog behavior. Stop living in frustration and start loving life with your dog.

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Lifetime support

We offer lifetime support. Call or text anytime with your ongoing questions. We’ll support you every step of the way.

Everyone deserves a happy home and an obedient dog

Go from living in frustration with a naughty dog to loving life with your canine companion.