Service Dogs

What can an Autism or PTSD dog do?

Customized Training

Our highly skilled Autism and Psychiatric service dogs are custom-trained to recognize and interrupt self-harming behaviors or help de-escalate emotional meltdowns.

Psychiatric and Autism service dogs can accompany a person to help decrease anxiety and other symptoms at home, during medical and dental visits, school activities, shopping, travel, and much more.

Pricing Varies

Price is determined by who the dog will serve, number of tasks, service task difficulty, age of the dog, and intensity of the training process. Our dogs range in price to fit many budgets and are not subsidized by non-profit agencies. While lesser cost options may be available, the average Psychiatric or Autism Service dog is $25,000-40,000.

Free Consultation

Please call for a free consultation. We would like to learn more about you and your specific needs, and how a Service Dog from Unleashed Academy can help you or your family.

Our Service Dogs are compliant with all guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and are welcome in all public places.

Stories of Success

Clara & Chester

Watch their story

Justin & Dreyfus

Watch their story

Lara & Tucker

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Available Dogs

Pending / Adopted Dogs

I am alive today because of my Service Dog

Photo of Rachel in a hospital bed

“I am alive because of Oliver. I had a bunch of seizures and he laid on my body in -8 windchill because I was down outside until the ambulance arrived and then stayed on top of me. All the emergency staff commented on his training and how great he was. I’m so thankful for Unleashed Academy”

– Rachel Hagen