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Trained Puppies &
Service Dogs


Behavior Modifications

Dogology Academy is a behavior modification company for dogs. We train puppies and dogs as well as rehabilitate naughty dogs.

Does your dog “walk” you?
Pull the leash in all directions?
Lunge at other dogs?
Resolve this issue in one home visit!
Yes, ONE visit!

Is your dog:

  • Growling
  • Baring teeth
  • Snarling
  • Lunging
  • Nipping or Biting

Aggressive behavior is our specialty.

Does your dog:

  • Bark at night?
  • Bark at neighbors?
  • Bark when left alone?
  • Bark when tired?
  • Bark at other dogs?
  • Bark at just everything?

And you would like some peace and quiet? We can restore peace to your home!

Dogs investigate through: CHEWING. However, if your dog is chewing furniture, shoes, books… It can be very costly. It’s time to get some help. We have the solution!

Does your dog:

  • Tremble
  • Hide
  • Cower
  • Whine, Whimper, or Yelp?

We are here to help!

Dogs love to play together. However, when “play” turns to fighting, someone’s pet will get hurt. If your pet is fighting too often, our team has a simple technique for you. Guaranteed to work in one visit.

How to train naughty dogs quickly and easily – in a few steps!

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Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Follow-up

We are canine behaviorists, not just dog trainers, and therefore can resolve any issues your dog has at the the root achieving permanent result.

We offer satisfaction guarantee on all of our dog training with life time of follow ups included in our prices and packages.

All packages include human training as well.

Training Programs

In-Home Training Visit

Our personalized In-Home visit offers premium canine training to resolve your dog’s behavioral issues in the comfort of your home!

Two Week Board & Train

Our Dog Board & Train program offers premium K9 training to resolve your dog’s behavioral issues permanently.

Service Animals &
Pre-Trained Puppies

We have service dogs and puppies at various training levels. They are hand selected from premium USDA regulated breeders across the US. 

Customer Testimonials

Restore peace to your home today.

Have the dog of your dreams!

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